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Changing the world, one inspired person at a time.

"What a great and quick read. While Josh can't answer for you, your "big why." He lays out a great road map and some quality inspiration along the way. It gives the reader a chance for some quality introspection, as well as provides an abundance of quotes, book references, and other authors to investigate next. Discovering Why becomes a really fun read and really comes to life through the numerous stories and lessons throughout. This book is a great read for self improvement junkies, group book studies, or someone simply seeking a quick cup of inspiration."
April Whritenour
"Josh has done something pretty incredible with his writing - I am so impressed with his ability to live his "why" which is actually living for another! Thank you Josh, for sharing your insights on how to establish my "why," but more importantly (IMHO) taking care of those who can't take care of themselves and for standing up for them! My mantra is..."If I see something, I'm going to say something!" Thank you for your dedication; you are an inspiration."
- Barbara LaVey

A Guide to Meaning & Purpose in Everyday Life

To be happy, we all need a purpose. The problem is, not everyone knows how to find it. In Discovering Why, Josh Forster breaks down the process of figuring out your purpose with poignant stories—including his own. Each example inspires readers to explore their own dreams, priorities, and talents to help define their motivation, whether it’s helping the masses or impacting the lives a single person. Forster also reveals the life-changing benefits of having a Big Why and steps to achieving it.

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